When we consider the increasing air transport in recent years we see that the ratio has increased especially in exports and with this method, it provides significant advantages to its users both in terms of environmental health and transportation. Another reason why air transport is preferred is that goods with relatively low volume and weight but high value can be transported in a very short time. When we consider the world trade, we cannot ignore the fact that product diversity is increasing every single day and competition is getting tougher and business processes are speeding up in parallel. The advantages of the aircraft as a means of transport have brought air transport to an important level today.
Aiming to offer all these advantages as a service to its customers, Sal Logistics also plays an important and a leading role in air transport and provides solutions to fit to all sorts of expectations of its customers.
We provide the following services within the scope of Air Transport:
•          Delivery from airport to airport,
•          Delivery from airport to door,
•          Delivery from door to airport,
•          Door to door delivery,
•          Storage (Warehousing),
•          Combined transport, (Sea + Air, Land + Air)