1) Identity of Data Supervisor

In the scope of the Privacy Act (PA) numbered 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data ("PA" or "the Act") and the secondary legislation, we Sal Logistics (the "Company"), which has the position of data controller, in the scope PA and in order to ensure that we act in accordance with the Law and the Constitution of Republic of Turkey and by the awareness that it is a fundamental right to have personal data protected, herewith present the following to your information within the scope of the enlightening obligation:

2) Your Processed Personal Data and Purposes of Processing

As a company, we process at a limited level the identity and communication data of the employees, executives and contact persons of the companies whom we introduce and name our business partners for the sake of implementation of contract processes within the scope of our commercial activities, monitoring customer relations and marketing processes, operations, production, training, sales and after-sales support of our services and for the purposes of fulfilling such processes.

We process this information to a limited extent in order to measure the traffic of our website and make performance evaluation, such as location data and IP address of the visitors who log in to our website and also we process this information to a limited level in order to receive and assess the identity and communication data of the people contacting us through the "Communication" field on our website in order to receive suggestions for the improvement of our business processes, and to provide feedback on such notifications.

In the event that we provide information and announcements about our company or our products by means of or via internet conference organizations, we process at a linmited extent the identity and communication data of the registrants who participate in such organizations, for the purpose of managing the registration and participation processes of the organizations and events carried out by our Company.

The personal data of the relevant persons are kept under protection according to the retention and destruction policy that we have established within the scope of the Law in both digital and physical environments of our Company. If the reasons requiring processing disappear, such personal data is subject to one of the deletion/destruction or anonymization processes in accordance with PA and the relevant legislation and in accordance with our Company's retention and destruction policy.

3) To whom and for what purposes your personal data can be transferred

Personal data collected may be transferred to the suppliers that our Company benefits from, for the purposes described in the second article of this enlightening text and for reasons that require it to be transferred within the scope of the regulations pertinent the Law.

4) Method and Legal Reason of Collection of Your Personal Data

The above-mentioned personal data, "provided that the processing of personal data belonging to the parties of the contract is necessary, and on condition that it is directly related to the establishment or performance of a contract" as given in the fifth article of the Law, and "for the legitimate interests of the data supervisor, data processing is mandatory”, based on legal reasons, the data is collected by means of verbal and written notices made by the relevant persons to our Company through automatic or non-automated means, and online website monitoring tools used by our Company.

5) Your Rights regarding Protection of Personal Data

In accordance with the “Communiqué on the Procedures and Principles of Application to Data Supervisor”, you can send your requests under the eleventh article of the Law regulating the rights of the person concerned, in writing to our Company's address located at Karacailyas Evren Mah. Atatürk Boulevard No. 24 Mediterranean / Mersin, Turkey or to our e-mail address via your e-mail address which is registered in our system.